Your all-time favorite posts…

The other day I was thinking about where to take my blog in the months ahead. I have a few ideas, but things are still percolating. When I looked back I was surprised to realize that I had been averaging 10 posts a month since I started blogging, and lately it’s been more than that.

I’m not a terribly regimented kind of blogger — I tend to post when the spirit moves me. I don’t plan ahead much at all, and my blog tends to reflect what I’m seeing and learning and loving most in the moment.

Bottom line, I blog because I love to make and share images.

I never set out to compete in the numbers game. I’m really happiest if my blog attracts kindred spirits — anybody who is on a journey — inwardly and outwardly — and wants to see where creative image-making will take them. YOU are my tribe.

I know I’m a huge fan of so many photography-oriented blogs out there. And it has certainly been gratifying — and astonishing — to see that views, visits and followers have been climbing steadily over time on this one. And to notice the depth and thoughtfulness of the comments you leave.

But I’ve never tried to figure out what will appeal most to blog readers, contrary to the advice of the pro blogger types. I don’t really know what kinds of posts speak to people…

So I thought it might be fun to have a look at what my stats say. Over the last almost two years, these were the posts with the most views and comments, in no particular order.

I’m happy to see that I still like all of these posts. I don’t find myself cringing when I read them again, so that’s good. Many of them were from my first year so they have had more opportunity to accumulate views.

Many of these posts feature more than one image (a few are compilations or photostories), and a lot include some kind of reflection on what I’m learning about photography or life.

So what should I make of this?

My goal is not to change my blog into something that it’s not and I’m not, but if I can make it better and give readers more to chew on and respond to, then I want to do that.

So should I challenge myself to go bigger with some of my posts, both in text and images (when the subject merits it, of course)? Should I share more of what I’m learning in words rather than let the images speak for themselves?

For those of you who have a personal photography blog, I’m curious about how you decide what type of posts to emphasize. And what do you look for when reading a personal photography blog? Do you want to be inspired, informed, instructed, or entertained? Or are you seeking something else?

I feel so incredibly privileged to be part of an online creative community that includes you. I am endlessly inspired by your creations. I continue to be deeply grateful for opening up new worlds and possibilities to me.