The world’s smallest bookshop…


I’m not one of those people who gets all excited by the world’s biggest this or that — the tallest building, the hugest cruise ship, yadda yadda.

I’ve always been more inclined toward the “small is beautiful” mentality. So I was totally charmed when driving along Highway 503 about 100 miles northeast of Toronto (near Kinmount, Ontario) one day a few weeks ago, I saw a sign for “the world’s smallest bookshop”!

I had to stop and check this out. Not only is it teeny tiny (10 by 10 feet), but it’s open 24 hours a day, and has no staff. All books are $3 and it’s totally operated on the honour system. What a little gem!

I didn’t have much time to take photos since we were on a mission to buy a dinghy in Midland, Ontario and we had a 10-hour drive to cover. But I managed to snap a few before jumping back into the truck.

Evidently I was not the only one who was delighted to find such a sweet little place in the countryside, because there were lots of appreciative notes pinned up all over the place.

I found out later it is a labour of love on the part of Gord and June Daniels. I wish I had time to meet them, but perhaps next time. I know I’ll be back.

bookshop2A handout available at the shop reads:

Why I love Books

1) Books are silent.

2) Books do not require hydro.

3) Books do not interrupt.

4) Books open easily — no switches or remotes.

5) Books can be shut up easily anytime.

6) Books cannot be offended.

7) Books do not talk back.

8) Books do not demand T.L.C. — but get it anyway.

9) Books do not require food or water.

10) Books will not feel neglected.

11) Books will not send you on a guilt trip if you lose interest or ignore them.

12) Books never require medical attention.

13) Books do not have commercials.

14) A book does not go into a snit if you look at another book.

15) A book won’t mind if you are reading more than book at a time.