Treasure Cay…

sunset tc good2tcbeach

cat and man black

We’re back in Florida now after an amazing voyage to the Bahamas on our sailboat Windsong II this year. We returned to some old familiar places from last year and discovered some new ones. Treasure Cay was one of our new favourites — sure to become one we go back to in the future.

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Panoramic views

tc pano finpano finThe circular beauty of Treasure Cay beach in the Bahamas called out for a panoramic view so I took a whole series of shots handheld and merged them in Photoshop. You’re supposed to use a tripod and all that but I didn’t bother and they still turned out pretty well.



Live in the sunshine…


sea and skyclouds reflected in water leaving TC

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Latest posting on Sailing on Windsong II…

Hopetown is my kind of town…


To see what we’ve been up to, check out my new post on Sailing on Windsong II.

mooring balls entrance to HTharbour long hopetown harbour- long and skinny

Sunrise, sunset…

Sunset at Man-o-War

There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.

Carlos Santana

Pre-sunset at Tahiti Beach

sunrise hopetown

Sunrise at Hopetown Harbour


Stillness speaks…

green turtle 10 pic handheld pano2-2500

10 image handheld stitched panorama

Dock, Green Turtle Club.Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas



Crab Cay Anchorage, Bahamas

Cruising has two pleasures. One is to go out in wider waters from a sheltered place. The other is to go into a sheltered place from wider waters.

Howard Bloomfield
windsong and dinghy2

Taken from our friends’ sailboat, Overdraught, of our sailboat  WIndsong II in the distance and our dinghy as the sun goes down on Crab Cay.



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