Weekly photo challenge: Resolved to discover

St. Simons Island, Georgia

What lies down the road? None of us ever really knows for sure.

A new year can seem like a fresh opportunity to take a step forward in a different direction. Some people make one or more resolutions. Some people make a list of all the things they haven’t yet done and want to do. Some people set very elaborate goals and targets.

There is no right or wrong, only what works for you.

I find what resonates most with me is setting a fresh intention — a way to meet and respond to life on a daily basis, summed up in a word. That makes it easy to remember and call upon.

For 2013, my intention is to “discover.”

“Discover” has many meanings — all of which challenge and energize me. And that is what a word needs to do for you, if it is to be meaningful.

The word discover goes back to the Latin, meaning to remove the covering. By 1500 it was used to mean “seeing” or “gaining knowledge of something previously unknown” and “finding out” and “bringing to light.”

Now the word has many other meanings: To notice, to see, to find a new place, to become aware of or realize, to uncover, to gain knowledge, to be surprised by something, to invent/originate, and to recognize the ability of a person, among others.

Being passionate about photography lends itself to learning new things and discovering the world around you, whether that is through finding new things to see or seeing familiar things in a new way. This year I am eager to learn more about my new equipment as well as different camera and post-processing techniques.

But there’s lots more to “discover.” There’s even more to bring to light. As the year goes on, I hope to share some of that through this blog.

Choosing a word is like putting a lens or a filter on a camera. It affects how you view everything. And according to many who’ve experienced it, choosing a word can bring untold and unexpected magic to your life.

What calls to you this year? Do you make resolutions or choose a guiding word?

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Resolved to discover

  1. Photos of winding paths always intrigue me. I love your thoughts on your word, “discover.” What a great approach to the new year! My one word for 2013 is “wonder.” I think we’re headed down the same winding, fun path this year!

  2. Such a beautiful path lined with trees and gorgeous play of light and shade.
    No, I never make New Year’s resolutions and so far I have never chosen a word for my year! I’m not sure how that would feel … maybe exhilarating, maybe I would feel hemmed in. I don’t know! I think that if I did choose a word, it would be “awareness”.
    Have a beautiful week!
    Are you able to tell me how I can get my personal icon to appear on your blog instead of those little coloured patterns?! Many thanks! Sandra

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  4. I chose five words! While I originally conceived it as the “5Hs of Giving” (http://www.winestains.ca/blog/2012/11/24/get-the-h-back-in-the-holidays.html), since the start of the New Year I have begun to realize that I want them to be my “5Hs of Living”! As you know well, Sherry, the Hs are Homemade, Handmade, Healthy, Helpful and From Here. I’m still working through the specific ways that all these words can be applied to my daily living, but already I find it very useful to keep this little mantra running in my mind whenever there are any decisions to be made. To continue to camera analogies, these words help me to focus.

  5. Sherry, it looks like you’re going to maintain both blogs while you’re sailing this winter. You shall have your hands full.
    When I was writing full time my life revolved around goals — being driven by goals was crucial to my success in what I did. But I must admit that, since I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I do from time-to-time ‘resolve’ to do something though I’d describe it more as an intention that leads me. In December I took on an important intention and began to act upon it immediately: I’m focusing on my health and improving on my day-to-day wellness. I’m so focused on it, it has been consuming my days and time since. Hence, the reason why I’m not online so much right now. I love the idea of using a word as a guiding light in a person’s life. I noticed one of the ladies at Flickr was taking on the word “Do” and it made me think that may be what I’m doing: “doing”. It does blend in to other parts of my life too, not just my health: I’m nurturing friendships and casual relationships, and it seems I’m also doing by sharing my thoughts and life more on my blog. Small things but I suppose those are the ones that can build up to something more meaningful. Sorry to rattle on so long. Wishing you a myriad of discoveries in 2013!

  6. As you know my word is new. I love how you talked about doing it on a daily basis. It is truly different then a resolution. It is my daily mission this year to find or do something new everyday.

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