Textures and overlay are by French Kiss.

This has been a somewhat enforced recuperation period while I’ve been down with the flu.

I’m not terribly fond of the word recuperation but it has some lovely synonyms — recovery, betterment, regeneration, rejuvenation, renewal, healing and resurgence. After you’ve been unable to function for a few days, when you start to get better, it really does feel like you’re coming back to life.

And what better way to spend a bit of time while still under the weather than paying tribute to one of nature’s beauties — the orchid. They’re all around me here in Florida. A few days ago in a better state of health I captured this one hanging from a tree outside.

And in keeping with my 2013 theme of “discovery,” here’s a few things I just learned about orchids.

  • Orchids plants are the largest family of the plant kingdom with over 25,000 naturally occurring species in the world, as well as all the specially developed hybrids!
  • Orchid flowers can grow to be as small as a head of a pin (Platystele sp. Central America) or greater at 10 feet (Grammatophyllum sp., New Guinea).
  • Vanilla — my favorite flavour — comes from the vanilla orchid.

Hope you enjoy.


26 thoughts on “Recuperation…

  1. I really appreciate your kind thought and all the others I’ve been receiving. I’m grateful that I’m on the mend and that I’ve had a computer and camera to play with while I was mending!

  2. Thanks, Indigo. Yup, I’ll be back out there in full force soon. A few days feels like a few weeks when you’re sick. Just love what you’ve been doing with 3D. I can’t even imagine how all that works!

  3. Hi Sherry,
    So sorry to hear that you had the flu but I am glad to hear that you are recovering. Falling ill is just no fun at all!
    I love your use of texture on the beautiful orchid. Thanks for the insightful points about orchids.. i love vanilla too and was surprised to hear that it originates from an orchid!
    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Sherry — I admire how you can find discovery and beauty in the midst of the flu! If you haven’t yet read it, the book “The Orchid Thief” is a marvellous read on orchid addiction…
    May you recover smoothly in the Florida sun! Hugs — Mary Lou

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon. Forced recovery time is always a way to enjoy some computer time. Lovely orchid and I love how you incorporated your discovery word into it.

  6. You’ll soon be out and about photographing the orchids again. This one is beautiful and has inspired a lovely post (I didn’t know that about vanilla). Look after yourself, Sherry.

  7. Glad to hear you are improving and speaking of orchids, I love them too. The one you girls gave me last year for my birthday is blooming now, a deep mauve, it is called phalaenopsis.
    The other creamy one is also blooming too and I have had it for almost five years so guess I have
    learned how to care for them. Cheers me up in the middle of our Canadian winters. Joyce

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