Weekly Photo Challenge: Home afloat

Whenever you go somewhere that speaks to your soul, you are going home to yourself.

Martha Beck


Windsong II, our sailboat, is my home afloat right now. It rocks us to sleep at night and cocoons us when the weather is wild. It takes us to see new places and allows us to meet new people who also love the boating life.

I love the light that streams through the companionway in the morning as we drink our steaming coffee and munch on our toasted English muffins and jelly. (In this case, it’s ginger jelly. Ginger is known to prevent seasickness, but that’s not why we eat it. It just tastes amazing.)

Practical note: The Tervis tumblers you see pictured here are double-walled so they keep liquids hot or cold much longer than other cups.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home afloat

  1. I love this shot. So comforting! Ginger jelly sounds wonderful! I adore ginger jam, but don’t know the jelly version, I’m wondering what English muffins are! I’ve never heard of them in England – but I haven’t lived there for a while! I like the steaming coffee fading out in the background. It looks like a wonderful moment!

  2. Yes — I can see the steam from you glass cup — heart warming photo indeed! And I did not know ginger help with seasickness – good to know.. Stay safe..

  3. Steam and sunlight make for such a warming image, Sherry. The ginger jelly (I guess we’d call it jam or marmalade, but it looks like it has no ‘bits’ so I’m not sure) is like a jar of sunlight itself.
    It’s lovely to have this opportunity to follow your adventures, for all that I’m a land lubber. Happy sailing!

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