Softly, softly…

This triptych is for Week Three in Beyond Beyond with Kim Klassen. The challenge was to experiment with focusing on different areas of the same shot to see what kind of effects could be created. I used my nifty fifty F.1.4 extremely wide open to get the blurred backgrounds. I added a few layers of Kim’s “softly” texture to, well, yes, soften the images further.


26 thoughts on “Softly, softly…

  1. Yes! The entire reason I decided to take B2 was to stretch myself. The style is completely different than what I usually do, so difinitely outside my comfort zone. I’ll do one — but no guarantees that I’ll like it! 🙂

  2. I’m not actually sure. There are so many flowering trees here in Florida that I’m not familiar with being from up north 😉 I am not a collage person either — I prefer my images to stand alone, but it’s good to try things from time to time. Sometimes they work out better than you think. That said, if you get an image you like and don’t make a collage, that’s great too!

  3. Very nice. What kind of flowers are these? I’ve taken lots of shots for this assignment but haven’t figured out what to do for the collage part. I don’t do collages often — just not my thing (I think) — so I’m dragging my feet a bit. Still, I took one photo that was just so yummy that I’m going to use it somewhere, even if it doesn’t make it into a collage. It just seemed perfect for Valentine’s Day, as well as a soft pink spot of color perfect for gloomy Winter.

  4. I am always thrilled when a photo captures my heart and I love how you’ve taken just a simple flowers and made it powdery soft looking and the colors are lovely.. awesome job..

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