This image is for Week 4 in my online class Beyond Beyond with Kim Klassen. The challenge was to take something from indoors and photograph it outdoors.

This proved to be not too challenging for me since outdoors is not too far from indoors on a sailboat — just a few steps up from the cabin — and we live out there a lot of the time.

Nonetheless, I brought my grandfather’s binoculars (which I brought for good luck) outside, along with an old map of the Bahamas and a set of dividers, and placed them on the cockpit table.

I used a couple of layers of Kim’s “Violet” texture from her new beautiful Downton Abbey set. (Coincidentally, we started watching Season 2 last night as we settled in cosily and listened to the rain start to pelt down on the boat.)


46 thoughts on “Wanderlust…

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  2. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful. What a treasure to have your grandfather’s binoculars. It so honors him that you have them close. I have always loved the word “wanderlust” and it is so perfect with your photo.

  3. oh my goodness, this turned out so beautiful. I love it. I’m afraid I’m not enjoying Beyond Layers at all. I should have taken it last year when everyone else did instead of doing it all alone — I’m really struggling with the how-to and stuff on my own. I also love that you brought your grandfather’s binoculars along on the boat. This image is true art! Beautiful work Sherry.

  4. What a lovely comment, Indigo! And so appreciated. My grandfather was a self-taught and hugely resourceful man who would have no doubt been fascinated by this boat. He could figure anything out, and loved a challenge. I do think he would have been delighted.

  5. Your outdoors lifestyle might have made this a little easier but all the work you put into the composition shines through. It made me smile to think about what your grandfather might have thought had he known you’d be sailing towards the horizon with his binoculars. I’m sure he’d have been delighted.

  6. Viv, that happens to be an 1886 map of the Bahamas (we don’t actually use it but it is cool) and it was made with info from the British Admiralty. (I think my Bob would enjoy meeting your Mark!)

  7. I just love this image- and your processing of it. I’m just imagining living on a boat- watching Downton Abbey, editing photos, with the water gently rocking you- sounds heavenly!

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