Vessel on a vessel…

The morning light on our sailboat is indeed wondrous.

As it falls on the table, it illuminates everything…including our newest vessel, a bowl in my very favorite colours, watery bluey-greens. It undulates in a way that suggests soft waves — a perfect vessel for a sailing vessel, I think.


Processed with Kim Klassen’s “linda”.

I hadn’t planned to create something for Texture Tuesday this week — The Free and Easy Edition — but when I saw the luminous vessel, I couldn’t resist.

Does light ever do that to you — change your plans?

13 thoughts on “Vessel on a vessel…

  1. Pretty. I used to sail Hobie Cats in the 80s a lot with a former boyfriend, not quite the sort of sailing you’re doing but it was a fun time that I remember fondly. We also were on a couple bigger sailboats a few times.

  2. awesome shot, beautiful glass. just love the way the light plays with the glass waves. super!

  3. This is beautiful, Sherry! I too love that color!
    You have no idea how many times my plans have been changed by light or the absence of light, but that’s the beauty of life, we learn to adapt and sometimes need to make the best of what we’re given 🙂

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