Like a homecoming…

The experience of beauty is like a homecoming. When we feel and see and touch the beautiful, we feel that we are at one with ourselves, because in some subtle and secret way beauty meets the needs of the soul.

John O’Donohue


Textured with Kim Klassen’s “Daisy”.

In August I will be joining many bloggers in taking a break from regular blogging — although I’m not all that regular at the best of times.  But I feel the need for a digital sabbatical so I can focus on some photo projects I’ve been hoping to do for a while.

I may pop in here as the spirit moves me to share an image or two from one of these projects…or something completely different.

In the meantime, I have a little poll for you…

I’d love it if you’d take a second or two to answer. If you prefer other types of blog posts entirely, feel free to mention this in the comments. Thanks so much for your views!


Linking with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. Why not drop by and have a look?


17 thoughts on “Like a homecoming…

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  3. sherry this image is so beautiful. and that quote…well it really spoke to my soul today. you know, i took a little break these past couple of weeks. best. thing. ever. really helped recharge my creativity. and as far as poll,allof the above.:)

  4. Such beautiful tones of colour in your flower composition and the perfect vase to blend in.
    As for voting. I cannot choose out of the three you mention above as I like all three and find it nice to alternate between images with quotations, those with short stories and also those with interesting links. I do find getting to links to pertinent subjects really nice. Stories are lovely too, but they shouldn’t be too long and I just love quotations like the one above by John O’Donahue. I just like everything, so I can’t just choose one!

  5. What a beautiful photo, Sherry.
    I think we all need to take some time away from the digital world once in a while. I find that it helps me strengthen my personal relationships, and allow for some fresh perspective on things. Good luck, and I sure will still be here when you come back 🙂

  6. Oh now I won’t feel so all alone…I to an going to take some time for myself in August but haven’t posted yet…I need to get some work done on my blog and because I’m so computer illiterate it will take me more than one month..but also lots of other things also…I will try to keep up with my classes though.
    Enjoy your time away…read a few good books (I hope to)and continue to float your boat…me to…
    Love this photo and now I have to look up that texture…colors are gorgeous…
    See you when I see you…oxo

  7. I know the feeling of needing a sabbatical! Your blog break is well deserved, and I wish you good luck with the other projects. (Which reminds me….I need to get on with my own prints for the upcoming show!!) As for which type of your posts I like best – I enjoy pretty much all your posts, no matter how short some might be – whatever you have time for/inspiration to do, it’s appreciated!

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