And so, August begins…

I hope this will be a month full of juicy ripe summer goodness for all of us, and a time to rejuvenate in preparation for the busier seasons ahead. (Notice I don’t use the “w” word.)

Today, I’m sharing a simple image from my kitchen as a kickoff to my August break…

A veritable party — a relaxed and casual one, as are the best parties — is happening over at Susannah Conway’s blog for the August Break.

She’s been promoting the idea of a respite from blogging for the last few years. This year she’s offering a list of prompts should we feel the urge to share an image. Today’s is — you guessed it — breakfast!

If you’re curious to see how other bloggers are spending the month, just hop on over for a look…

The August Break 2013

A huge thanks to all those of you who answered my recent poll about what kind of blog posts you prefer. I’ll leave it open for a while in case you missed it… 

9 thoughts on “Breakfast…

  1. Breakfast is my very favourite meal of the day! I’m not sure what yours is here, but the lighting is nice and soft!
    Enjoy your August break whatever it entails!

  2. I love how the texture has added such a warmth to this image – lovely.
    Enjoy your summer break — I think a break from the computer is always a very good thing.

  3. Sherry, I could reach right into my computer screen and eat one of those…I can taste it already!

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