Faraway in time, not space…

I love this old polaroid of me sitting under our crabapple tree (planted in 1967 to celebrate Canada’s Centennial) with my little sister on the left and a friend from down the street on the right. My Dad took it, I’m sure, maybe he was trying out his Polaroid camera.

These were the summers of playing outside all day, every day, making forts in the fields, leaving notes for each other in “the old gutter” and only coming in when we had to for supper. TV watching was rare and of course there were no personal computers. We were always living in the moment.

We left the moment — as you need to sometimes — to dream and imagine different worlds by reading books at night, sometimes getting so involved we didn’t want to stop so we read under the covers with flashlights.

Everything seemed possible, then…but everything we did and dreamed then is still with me now…

The August Break 2013

18 thoughts on “Faraway…

  1. A kindred spirit you are…But as for your grandkids, from the looks of it, you help give them lots of fun opportunities for outdoor play and experiences…but you’re right, it can’t be the way it used to be…

  2. Beautifully rendered, Sherry; I love how you’ve captured the past and the present in this piece.

  3. truly a vignette from the past Sherry. You are a very talented writer — you’ve captured it so perfectly that I’m nodding in agreement with every word — that is exactly the way life was for me also. Exactly. Perfect.

  4. I love your words here Sherry…I fell exactly the same way…talking today with my husband about being in Maine and losing two beautiful mornings to the computer…i need to put the brakes on myself…I loved those days of catching bees in a jar, no fear of getting stung and going to the beach all by myself with my doll…(a blog post)…sometimes I feel bad for my Grandchildren…wish I could turn back the clock for them..
    Cute picture here also…

  5. A slice of “time” here Sherry…I remember all the things we did in 1967 and I remember all the time spent outdoors with friends or if we were indoors, reading or doing something else that used imagination and creativity. Thanks for sharing a memory.

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