The Simplicity Project, No. 4

final for simp project


Ultimately, simplicity is the goal — in every art, and achieving simplicity is one of the hardest things to do. Yet it’s easily the most essential.

Pete Turner

This is the first week of December, and thus begins my simplicity project.

Having been inspired by Kim Manley Ort, I am joining her in posting images that are simpler and more minimal than usual. It’s a way to remind myself to focus on what is really essential in an image and in the rest of life too.

If this also appeals to you, there’s a Flickr group devoted to Photographic Simplicity that you are welcome to join.

7 thoughts on “The Simplicity Project, No. 4

  1. Lovely shot, Sherry! The horizontal crop automatically makes me look at the image from left to right (or right to left), but the vertical and the V lines guide my eyes to look at it from top to bottoms as well. Excellent work.

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