The Simplicity Project, No. 10


Letting go of labeling what I saw as beautiful, photo-worthy, not worth my time, etc., I could just see things as they are. Everything had the ability to catch my eye. No page of the novel of my life was better than another.

Brian Sano

My December Simplicity Projet continues….

For many splendid images of simplicity, visit the Flickr group, Photographic Simplicity.

5 thoughts on “The Simplicity Project, No. 10

  1. Another great shot that tells a story and leaves us wondering… it reminds me of David Blackwood’s portrait of a fisherman — the portrait is a single fisherman’s glove on a table. Wonderful work, Sherry!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this series this month! And this photo … WOW! The simplicity is deafening … but wonderful. {I take it you’re down south now?}

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