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Serendipity. I’ve always loved that word… Well, this week I experienced it in the creative process. I didn’t get to where I was going, but I found something else quite lovely on the way there…Isn’t it great when that happens?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been taking an online course in Abstract Photography offered by Kim Manley Ort. This week, we were looking at the history of abstract photography and delving into the work of some of its most well-known practitioners. We were to select an artist whose work we resonated with and create a piece that drew on that inspiration.

I chose Andre Gallant, a Canadian photographer known for “dreamscapes” and abstract impressionism using a variety of photomontage techniques, including multiple exposures. I decided to experiment with multiple exposures and set out to try to capture natural ones like he did.

I found out how incredibly difficult it is to use this technique to create an abstract piece that didn’t look like a big mistake!


So my first attempt was decidedly unsuccessful;  I wasn’t able to create a truly abstract image using multiple exposures.

But, when I looked at what I did capture, I was still pleased with the way some of the flower images had turned out. You couldn’t call them abstract because they were still recognizable as flowers, but they were definitely impressionistic.

The multiple exposure seemed to enhance the dreaminess of the flower petals and emphasize the delicacy and subtlety of the overall image.

So serendipity took me down another road — one I think I’ll be coming back to further explore in the future. I still have to work on my abstracts though!

14 thoughts on “Serendipity…

  1. As I look out on the white and grey and brown tones of our winter landscape, your images hold the promise of spring. Thanks for the ray of sunshine, Sherry!

  2. I love double exposures just don’t do enough of them, I also love slow shutters and I love plumbago one of the prettiest shades of blues in the flower kingdom. Fun images

  3. André Gallant’s work is amazing, isn’t it? I love your flower images, especially the first one. I like the soft colours too. I’ve never tried multiple exposures!
    Creating abstracts isn’t always easy, especially when our mind seeks to recognize and organize! Have a lovely Sunday!

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