Water abstracts…

The abstract nature of reality is the source of beauty.

William DeRaymond

square water abstract

The sun was going down and the light was beautiful in the marina. I had just finished shooting some pics of Charles and Chica (a dog on a neighbouring boat) and as I was walking down the dock, I caught sight of the most amazing reflections in the water.

I doubt I would have noticed them before starting to take the wonderful online course, Going Abstract, with Kim Manley Ort. My eyes are now so much more attuned to light and colour and pattern that I would have just walked past before.  And that means so much more beauty is mine to delight in.

A wonderful gift…

water abstract

It’s astounding just how much the eye/brain wants to find something recognizable in an abstract. I created quite a number of these water abstracts and I keep seeing animal/fish/bird shapes in them. And with their rounded shapes, they also remind me of abstract Inuit art.

Then I remember they are fundamentally water, light, reflection, pattern and colour. But when you think about the complex processes involved in getting that moment in the marina into our eyes and then into our brain to make meaning — through the medium of the camera — it all becomes rather miraculous.

“I understand abstract art as an attempt to feed imagination with a world built through the basic sensations of the eyes.”

Jean Helion

9 thoughts on “Water abstracts…

  1. Yes, the resemblance of familiar shapes is there, but I enjoy just looking around at all the different colors and designs. These are fun to look at. Beautiful captures!

  2. I really adore these abstracts so much. And I love reading about your thoughts on the topic. Beautiful art Sherry

  3. Since I’ve been following along on your abstract journey with you and Kim, I’ve been thinking about how difficult it is for me to let an abstract just be that. I find that as I look at each image, I’m trying to figure out what it is. (Some are easier than others!) And if I can’t figure out what made the image, then I start the “Rohrschach” thing and try to find recognizable shapes. Why can’t I just let the image be? Am I the only one whose brain wants everything to “be” something?

  4. So beautiful and you found so many lovely colors…that’s why it is so important to keep on learning…we challenge ourselves and that is always a good thing.

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