Windsong II goes to the Bahamas…2

green turtle2b

Secluded beach on Green Turtle Cay where we stopped for a few days waiting for calmer seas to go through the Whale Cay Passage

Due to Internet problems, we will be back with another more detailed post as soon as we can. Stay tuned.

sunset march 11 before great sale-500

bob sleeping charles on march 11bob and mike and charles Charles enjoys his outings…here Bob is with the Captain of our buddy boat the Casey Dee


Love the colours of the historic old jail on Green Turtle Cay

bob fishing calm day on way to great sale cay-500

Bob was able to do a bit of fishing en route from West End to Great Sale Cay

7 thoughts on “Windsong II goes to the Bahamas…2

  1. Such beautiful photo’s. They really tell a story. Wonderful work. the first photo of the beach has such wonderful colors in it.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay Sherry.

  2. Oh, my! What an adventure you’ve had! I can’t imagine sailing in the dark. That had to be an experience in itself. You are intrepid. All three of you! And beautiful photos. {{ sigh }}

  3. It is amazing to be transported via your blog to another present moment. I also liked the pink and green. Modern psychology suggest pink be used in prisons to calm the inmates but I’m not sure this was the motivation for your Bahamian painter!

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