Marsh Harbour Views

moon over marsh harbour

Moon over Marsh Harbour

When we arrived here in Marsh Harbour, we anchored out in the harbour for a few days while waiting for a slip. Then when a slip became available in the marina, we moved in there. It’s romantic out there on the hook but a bit of a pain to dinghy Charles in in rough weather, schlep our water out and also run the generator every day to supply our electricity. In the slip we have lots of power, water, and Charles has easy access to land. We can also get four TV channels! As we’ve mentioned before the only real downside is poor Internet access. Other than that we are in heaven.

Marsh Harbour is a large protected harbour in the Abacos where many cruisers spend the winter. There is a wide choice of marinas and restaurants and tons of charter activity. Catamarans are a popular rental vessel.

The marina we are in has a good restaurant called the Jib Room which also serves as a cruiser’s lounge. We’ve eaten here quite a bit and really enjoyed it. Lots of fish options for me. The house drink is a “bilge burner” which goes down so easy you can get into trouble very quickly if you don’t watch it.

We dinghy across the harbour to do our groceries and shopping. There is an amazing grocery store called Maxwell’s which provides the best shopping outside of Nassau. In fact we have to go there in a few minutes to get some coffee.

Marsh Harbour is centrally located to allow day trips to many of the popular cays around. This week we took a ferry to Man o’ War to drop off our jib sail for repair. Pics of that trip to come…


View of marina from next door

beach down the street

Nice little beach down the street…

ferns view

10 thoughts on “Marsh Harbour Views

  1. Oh another beautiful place! The last photo is just perfect! I can see a “coffee table” photo book of your trip!!

  2. I’ve really wondered what you do with Charles … when he has to go. Must be hard for him to hold it, especially since he’s a senior 🙂
    Wow, sounds like some really outstanding times you have.

  3. So wonderful! I’m so glad you’re documenting these special memories with lots of photos and posts. Your story about taking the dinghy to get your groceries reminds me of a favorite family vacation spot when I was a teenager. It was somewhere up in Canada, can’t quite remember now. But we used to use our boat to go from town to town, through the slips, find restaurants, groceries, shopping, etc. We never drove the car once we got there. We towed that 16′ motor boat on our station wagon, Mom, Dad and three kids, from Pennsylvania to some lake north of Toronto. I hadn’t thought of that place in years, Sherry! Thank you for nudging a long-buried fond memory. ❤

  4. Such a great adventure and this really looks like a lovely place to spend some time…I like the familiar when I travel also…like your gathering spot…
    Beautiful photo’s the second one with the beach and sun is lovely…looks like a nice quiet place to get into a good book…
    Glad your there and happy…enjoy.

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