Postcards from the Bahamas…

pinkandwhitehouse postcard-small500


I was just about to give up on posting here after trying for a few hours…when magically, things started to move.

The weather looks like it will be great for cruising the Sea of Abaco this week so we will be heading back to Man-o-War to pick up our jib and then go on to Hopetown, which Bob tells me is lovely. And there is a lighthouse there for my collection of lighthouse pics!

I’ve been creating a series of Bahamas postcards from some of my images just for fun. There’s something about the views and light here that seems to suit a stylized kind of treatment. I’ve been experimenting and having fun with Topaz filters.

So here are some postcards for you, from Bob and Charles and me in the Bahamas…

Joe's Studio POSTARD small

postcard marsh harbour-small500 shell postcard-small500 mermaid reef-small500

11 thoughts on “Postcards from the Bahamas…

  1. Your postcards are lovely! They need to find their way onto your walls at home so you can look on them again and again and remember this grand adventure you’re having.

  2. Such beautiful post cards Sherry. I feel in love right away with the White House with pink trim. Very charming. The entire series is wonderful.
    Have a lovely time sailing this week.

  3. Oh Sherry these are all just beautiful!! Sounds like you are getting a lot of sunshine, beautiful scenery, and loads of pictures! Thanks for sharing these, I love Topaz filters. Have a great week!

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