Things I’m loving…Monday edition

avocado smoothie

Avocados, always avocados.

I added a half an avocado to a smoothie this morning, along with coconut milk, greek yogurt, raspberries, vanilla, a bit of maple syrup and some ground chia and flax seeds.

15 minute creamy avocado pasta

Crunchy avocado salad

I am always so inspired to read the weekly post of Toad Hollow Photography in which the Toad shares a comprehensive list of photography related links that he hand selects. He is an awesome curator of tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs, all intended to share the best the internet has to offer. Definitely my weekly dose of photographic awesomeness. And I’m not only mentioning this because he links to my butterfly post this week! Thank you, Toad, for your continued devotion to your fellow photographers.

For example, in this week’s collection, one of the reasons I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, Waterfall of the Gods.

And finally some new favorite words…

Bellibone: a woman excelling both in beauty and goodness.

Snudge: to lie idle, close or snug

Coquinate: to behave as a cook.

So, my dear bellibones, I’m planning to find time this week to enjoy some coquination and snudging, and I hope you do too.






7 thoughts on “Things I’m loving…Monday edition

  1. Well I have to admit, I am struggling with putting an avocado in a drink…I always think of avocados in something more savory type of dishes. But I will take your word for it that it is delicious☺ I was reading the post before this one, where you talked about making photo albums…this is an encouragement to me! I need to get on this more in my life. I loved yours!

  2. Avocados make wonderful smoothies and all your recipes sound great. I love the picture!
    Nice new words – they’ll be fun to use!

  3. I am addicted to avocado and have to limit myself, and great new additions to my vocabulary !

  4. Well thank you, Ms. Bellibones, I can’t wait to try those avocado recipes!! The pasta recipe sounds especially good! I’m off to check out Toad Hollow now…I alway enjoy your “Things I’m Loving”!

  5. Snudging sounds good. Not sure about the coquination as I don’t really like to cook. Fun post and I plan to check out Toad Hollow Photography.

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