One of the many things I’ve been enjoying doing lately is making photo books. I’m up to three now — two are for gifts and one is for us. I’ve received the first one and am very pleased with the way it turned out.

But photo books can take a while to put together.

For the times when you want a quick and easy project, I like to make magnets. A few pics, a few seconds and they’re done.

I just made one for each of the grandkids, using some images taken this year. I also have one from last year on the fridge that I will add these to.

I love having reminders of those sweet little faces and great times together every time I go get a glass of water or something to munch on…

View the entire collection of cards.

3 thoughts on “Magnetized…

  1. The book looks lovely! Yes, it does take time, but so worth it. I am way behind on my photo books. ‘Now’ is taking up so much time. But you’ve inspired me! I love the black background for the photos, I think I’ll try that.

  2. You are so right about the time it takes to make photo books, Sherry. Each time I go to make one, I find that the company I use is offering even more options. With all of these options, deciding the layout can take forever, but the end result is so special.

    I love the idea of magnets!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. The magnet collage is so nice to have on the fridge! I love your photo book…hope to make one this year.

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