August Break, Day 6

green pepper

August Break, Day 6, Gift from the Garden

Today is Day 6 of the August Break and we’ve been out in the garden cutting peppers and pulling beets.

So my image for today is a “gift from the garden”.

Another gift from the garden is captured in this impressionistic — almost abstract — image by Barbara Hurst, who is a supremely talented American photographer I’ve been following for some time now. Would that not look dramatic framed in large format on a wall?


Image by Barbara Hurst Photography. Used with permission.

It seems to me that Barbara’s creativity has been on fire lately. Every time I’ve looked at her blog in recent days, I’ve marvelled at the sheer number of exceptional images she manages to take, process and post in even a very short time. This woman is prolific!

Barbara calls her new site a “visual journal” because she prefers pictures to words when telling the stories of her days — and of her passions. But she doesn’t need a lot of words because she is such a gifted visual story teller.

She is also a master of the perfectly composed collage.

Be prepared to swoon at her nature shots, her still lifes and don’t miss her lensbaby images.


11 thoughts on “August Break, Day 6

  1. You are show casing some wonderful talent here Sherry…and I do think you are somewhat of a photojournalist yourself…I love the words that flow so easily from your mind…drags me into your story straight off and makes me curious…that’s the qualities of a good writer…

  2. I just love this photograph, Sherry.
    We did not plant vegetable gardens this year, but we went crazy with flowers!! 🙂

    I too, very much admire Barbara’s work, especially her flower photography.

    Wishing you a wonderful evening.

  3. I’ve been a big fan of Barbara’s work for a long time. Her style is so distinctive that I know an image is hers even before I see her name. She has been an inspiration to me and makes me want to try new things and improve my photography. Thanks, Sherry, for featuring this sweet friend of mine!

  4. Thank you Sherry, you are an inspiration to everyone here. Your trip on the seas was awesome and wonderful to see and enjoy, thank you again for the opportunity to focus my blog.

  5. Thank you for this introduction, Sherry. I follow Barbara on instagram and will now follow her blog. Her work is a beautiful visual journal, such lovely storytelling…something I strive to accomplish. Very inspiring!

  6. Another beautiful post today Sherry! You are on fire as well! Garden gifts…a true blessing at the end of months of waiting. And Barbara Hurst photography….another place I get absorbed into looking at all her beautiful, creative work! Lovely!!

  7. I do love this capture of ‘giving’ – and thank you for the link to a similarly brilliant photographer to yourself

  8. Lovely! I’m going to check out Barbara’s work. I’m working on the August Break, too. Time to see what’s through the lens of my camera.

  9. Love your day 6 a great point of view and I agree Barbara is such a great storyteller a feast for the eyes….

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