August Break, Day 5

This month I’m joining Susannah Conway and many others around the world in the August Break project.

The idea is to post a photo a day, inspired either by the daily prompt or by something else.

I’ve also been sharing links to the work of photographers who inspire me.


Lisa attended the senior project of her son recently. He found math “torture” when he was younger. Just look at him now! I love that Lisa captured this in her image. Thanks to Lisa Gordon Photography for permission to use this image.

Today I want to share my enthusiasm for the images of Lisa Gordon, who first caught my attention with her delicate, dreamy and perfectly composed homages to flowers.

I was drawn to her restrained use of colour and texture, which gives the flower’s form centre stage.

But that’s not the only subject Lisa turns her camera toward. I love that she is a versatile and experimental photographer who stretches herself on a regular basis, making images that range from landscapes to street photography to environmental portraits. What shines through all of them is a keen perception, a palpable warmth, and a real love and respect for her subject.

I very much enjoy her black and white photography too.

Lisa is a generous soul, regularly sharing kind and encouraging comments with her photo buddies; she also shares her photography itself through the Creative Commons.

Why not delight yourself with a visit to her photoblog at Lisa Gordon Photography or to her flickr photostream?







6 thoughts on “August Break, Day 5

  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful post Sherry! I love your cherries and the blue background is very summery and complimentary. And Lisa is by far on my top of the list. She first inspired me several years ago with her stunning macro flower images, her friendship via blogging, and her fabulous black and white works. So kind of you to recognize her and her work and contribution to the photography world.

  2. Great post and it’s so much fun checking out all your blog recommendations. It’s really nice to move away from the familiar every once in awhile. So much to be learned from each other.

    You are such a gift to all who are lucky enough to cross paths with you.

  3. I so love cherries and they are so photogenic, thanks for pointing me towards a new blogger to me…

  4. Love your cherry image, they just sparkle, yes Lisa is one fine flower photographer, one of the best in my opinion. Great idea for your August Break. Have a great August Sherry.

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