Prince Edward County in Black and White

Today’s post features some recent explorations in black and white photography.

I recently went on a delightful sojourn with my family in Prince Edward County, Ontario — a wonderful rural region around Picton which has become very popular for its amazing food and wine and hospitality.

Hundreds of images later, I have only managed to process a few. I’ve joined a wonderful Facebook group that focuses on black and white photography, and this has encouraged me to work on one of my very favorite forms of photography.

So here is a just small taste for now…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

13 thoughts on “Prince Edward County in Black and White

  1. You are rockin’ the black and white! I think it’s challenging and really am not comfortable in that format but I plan to keep at it … and you are inspiring me to do so!

  2. Oh these are stunning. I just your b&w’s. I really need to do that more because I am always so impressed with the textures & light…yours are beautiful!! I gotta admit, the chickens are my favs!

  3. Wonderful b&w images, I really love that slide show…and I hope to see more of these on Life in Black and White! My favorites are the one with the bike and that delicious (and beautifully presented) breakfast!

  4. oh I adore these photos but I’m a huge fan of black and white. I love the chickens in particular and that lovely photo of the cooper and his Australian Shepherd. Great work Sherry.

  5. What a great slideshow! We’ve just returned from a Canada/New England cruise but did not get further than Halifax and St. Johns. My images are not yet on my computer but I think I will think about doing some in black and white, you’ve so inspired me!

  6. Such a great slide show Sherry…the black and white gives photo’s such great story telling ability…I’m glad it’s returning more these days…I’m been experimenting with it a bit more also…your photo’s here are wonderful…I want to be sitting across the table, eating that pie with you and the flowers on the dish…that’s my favorite…
    Your trip looks wonderful…and I understand completely about so many photo’s and so few edits…I’m so far behind now I’ll never catch up.
    Enjoy your Sunday…

  7. Wonderful array of images, Sherry, capturing the charm and uniqueness of this region. I like the shot of the chickens – although, being a co-owner of some 14 hens, their beady eyes reveal their fierce nature! xo Mary Lou

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