A look back at 2014, Part 1

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is a perfect one to look back on the year that is coming to an end, and to marvel at its wonders and joys, as well as to reflect on its challenges and bittersweet moments. They’re all part of the great mystery of life…

I thought I’d go back through my images to select some that are meaningful to me. These are not necessarily my best, but they do resonate with me and represent a year full of wonderfully rich memories.

I’ve preserved these images in photobooks and archives for the future. I’m grateful to have them and be able to look at them any time I want to bring back so many days and moments in all their glorious colour and intensity.

But there are many more moments and memories from this past year that I don’t have pictures of. I am just as thankful for the ones that remain alive only in my mind’s eye.

sparkof grace light FB

Sunrise, Hutchinson Island, Florida



New Year’s Parade, Harbor Island, Bahamas


pelican 7small

Pelican, Manatee Pocket, Florida


up eary leaving mariner cay

Early morning, Mariner Cay, Marina, Stuart, Florida


Sunset, crossing the Gulf Stream on our sailboat, heading to the Bahamas from Florida


bob fishing calm day on way to great sale cay-500

Fishing on the Little Bahamas Banks, Bahamas


cute charles

Charles, the intrepid sailing dog


Typical sunset in the Bahamas

wines from all over blog

Celebration of Chardonnay in Niagara region, Ontario


girl and flag

Celebrating Canada Day in Almonte

park hands

A good-bye weekend with the grandkids

tender moment

A tender moment…


central park leaves

Fall is my favourite season

central park boaters copy

New York is one of my favourite cities…


hanging on for blog

Can’t get enough autumn colour…



Exquisite light on Christmas Day

almonte xmas 2014

The sun kisses my town…


17 thoughts on “A look back at 2014, Part 1

  1. Beautiful images, Sherry! I always have loved your photos on the boat (and am a bit envious, too!). Your work is always gorgeous- and frameworthy! So many terrific shots and magical moments captured- I especially love the light on the barn- and the one of your husband with the dog! Thanks for the retrospective!

  2. So many photo’s to love here Sherry…such a beautiful year you have had…but I’m a sucker for a tender moment and you have a few…Early Morning…with just a glimpse of your husband behind the glass..so wonderful, with those of a new day on the water…
    2. Your husband holding tight to Charles…I just love that one…melts me.
    3. Your husband again walking with the two children…that one really tugs at my heartstrings and also 4. Tender Moment…you can feel the love…I hoped you made a framed copy for both of them….those are the ones that jump out at me….but the first one is strong also…it reminds me of perhaps Heaven peeking through the clouds to let us know that all is well with those that are no longer with us…I see skies like that sometimes and I always say hi to my people when it happens…
    This is a lovely collection of some of your finest work…in the “heart department”…I told you I was a sucker for tender moments…
    Happy New Year Sherry…

  3. So many are my favorites as you posted throughout the year, Sherry! But, Charles stole the show with your hubby! That one is just priceless. A beautiful look back, and I can’t wait to see part II. Always a delight to come here to visit! Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

  4. such a beautiful glimpse of your year, with wonderful memories in each one of them so heartfelt in each of these. Looking forward to part 2 and also 2015 with you my friend.

  5. What an absolutely beautiful “look back” Sherry. You seem to capture perfect light in all your images … oh that first sunrise – wow! And your portraiture photography is fantastic. Wishing you the happiest of new years!

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