Puppy love…

dad mum and puppy

A week ago I returned from a photography workshop in Delray Beach to find that a litter of five Golden Retriever puppies had taken over the marina — well, the attention of most of the boaters and liveaboards here anyway.

The pups’ human is a sea captain who lives on his boat with the two parents — Punkin (mom) and Fuzzy (dad). Punkin gave birth to the puppies in early January. Their birth story was a bit traumatic — as two of the pups were born on the boat — but the last three were not coming out. An excellent vet was able to perform a C-section the next day and save all the puppies. What a relief for Chris and Punkin!

All seven dogs now live on the boat and Chris brings the pups ashore several times a day for exercise and training purposes. As you can imagine, they attract quite a bit of attention and generate lots of smiles.  Even the toughest and most serious cannot seem to resist these puppies.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my play time with the puppies. And I’ve been trying my best to capture their cuteness with my camera. I’ve never really done much pet photography, except for Angus and Charles of course, so it’s been quite a challenge. While focusing on one, the others nip at my ankles and try to trip me up. They race around like little maniacs, which makes it hard to get clear shots, and then they collapse in a pile.

Chris has been sending out some of my photos to people who are interested in taking a pup, so I’m glad to be helping the pups find good homes. They have about three more weeks and then they will be gone. Life at the marina will not be the same without them!

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15 thoughts on “Puppy love…

  1. The essence of goldens (the best dog breed EVER!) beautifully captured! Wish we were in the market for one- but we have decided to not be dog owners again (so far. . .). I told my daughter about the puppies, because one of her goldens passed on a few months ago, but they aren’t quite ready for a puppy (and live nowhere near Florida!). Love looking at all these puppy photos- and hearing their story. Have a good week!

  2. Nothing like a puppy to draw a crowd, love the sun on the grown up and those pups are so precious. I am sure they don’t get a lot of attention do they being on the dock.

  3. Oh my gosh Sherry I don’t know if I could pick a favorite here…you did such a great job with all of them…but you really nailed it with the paw photo…because it’s unique and I don’t know…it’ just touches me….the connection I think between the pup and the Mom. The pup is really looking at the paw…
    Yes, you will miss them but then, so will I…thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely shots – you’ve captured the spirit of these delightful pets beautifully! Thanks, Sherry. xo Mary Lou

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