Hold it in your hands…

I’m running out of ways to creatively say some version of “print yer damn work!” But seriously, print yer damn work. Live with it. Study it. Hold it in your hands. Give it away. Experience the joy of seeing it matted and framed and hung on walls.

David Duchemin

I often find that David Duchemin has something to say in his blog posts and writings that serves as a friendly kick in the pants.

Like Duchemin, I think there’s great merit in getting our images off our hard drives and into some kind of tangible form. I’ve been making photobooks for a few years now and experimenting with many different brands and formats.

For me, this is a great way to print my work and see how various images look together. I find grouping the images in books keeps them more organized than making small individual prints. I now have an interesting collection of books that records my progress in photography and helps me follow my interests and obsessions over time.

I just finished my latest photo book and this time I included some favourite quotes as well. The software I used allows you to print proofs of the pages, so I put them together in a bit of a digital slide show.

But there’s nothing like holding the actual book in your hands. I look forward to receiving it in a few weeks.

Recently, I also started having my images printed, matted and framed. It took me forever to figure out which ones to select and how to display them. Finally, I settled on a set of black and whites from my New York series. I’m such a big fan of black and white prints and these complement some of the other prints I own that have been done by other photographers. I also thought long and hard about which ones would “spark joy” and maintain my interest over time. I found a wonderful printer in Toronto and had them printed on white rag paper.

I was so pleased with these that I’ve since printed a few more.  I’m on my way to creating a gallery wall.

What about you? How do you enjoy your photography in tangible form?

my images framed on wall

26 thoughts on “Hold it in your hands…

  1. Oh yes, I have long exclaimed to people to get their photos printed, whether in a book like you do or as prints. Just get them in a tangible form. I’ve slacked off on that myself this past year but I plan to pick it up again. Actually last week, with the death of our dogs this year, I was prompted to go through a few of their photos and get more printed out. When I picked them up I was excited to see them, hold them, even shed a tear over them. But now there they are. A perfect post and I ADORE your NY images — every one.

  2. You have so much good work to choose from, I can understand how making choices would be a problem! I found that just starting with what you love most and following my intuition’s lead after that was the easiest way…

  3. Beautiful, Sherry. So lovely to appreciate life with your fresh images and quotes. Thank you. xo Mary Lou

  4. These prints are magnificent, Sherry!
    I am so bad at this (having anything printed).
    I keep saying that I am going to do it, and then never do.
    You have inspired me to get going on it!! 🙂
    Thank you, my friend. xo.

  5. I bet those Erie Canal prints are amazing Kathy! And I’ve made note cards too. I think they make a lovely gift. And they can also be framed in small frames to make affordable and personal hostess gifts.

  6. Yes, Dotti,canvas is another great option, especially for colour images. It works great for flowers too. Wall space can be a problem LOL. I like the idea of gallery walls where you can swap out the images every so often.

  7. You have so many good ideas here Cberyl! I love that the boys will be getting a collection of your posts. Such a treasure for them to read in the future! Photos under glass, photo cards, a gallery of ancestors — plus your own — all great ideas. So many photos to process — I know the problem!

  8. thank you for this post! I print off pics of my family religiously and put them in our photo albums. But my more “arty farty” work I don’t. For some reason I feel guilty about it…and like I’d be the only one who enjoyed it. you definitely have me thinking!

  9. I do enjoy seeing my own work on the walls. I have not tackled books yet, probably a winter project. The process of selecting and then getting printed my work, is what slows me down, but I know I need to do it.

  10. Love this theme and I’m on who prints a lot. For a lot of people. I do have some of my own hanging….they need an update and I have a glass top on my desk with all my favorite family photo’s under the glass so they are always close by…This years project is printing out my blog posts that are about the boys and they will have hard copies for Christmas gifts…shhh.
    OMG I could go on and on…photo cards that I sell and use for gifts…book, I’m gathering in a collection for New York…but I really need to go back and do a few other trips…so many photo’s…so little time..
    I love your black and white photo’s of New York…so glad you choose some of my favorites…and a photo wall is a wonderful idea…I have one in my hall of all my “older, now gone, family members…I can see them every day…
    Enjoy the process.

  11. There is something so nostalgic about B&W prints,,,, I love your collection and the way they are framed is perfect! I did make a small photo book of my last trip to Holland and would like to do a flower one at some point. Would you please send me the name of the printer you used in Toronto as someday I might like to do some on rag paper…
    Thanks ,.. hope you are having a good weekend,,,,,

  12. This can’t be stressed often enough. And as you know, it’s a recurring theme at FOL. I’ve done photo books for several years and framed prints but I love putting my work on canvas. Now, if I just had more walls …

  13. Your so right. I have my prints framed and hanging through out my house, mostly of the Erie Canal. I’ve also made note cards, and given them always as presents.. I’ve sold a few;) but I mostly give them away;)
    Beautifully framed B&W’s. Sherry

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