9 thoughts on “Your simple act…

  1. I love this quote, just perfect for what is going on in this world today. Thank you also, Sherry for stopping by my blog, I have lost touch with you lately, and I want not to lose touch again. Happy Holidays to you, your husband and, of course, Charlie.

  2. I think we all have vivid memories of such moments, Ken. I know I do. And we never know when one of our small kindnesses can make a huge difference, or even a little difference. Such a worthwhile thing to keep in mind. Thanks for dropping in here!

  3. I love the way she equates a kind act with a sunrise. It is a beautiful and easy image to remember, Cheryl. And wouldn’t it be nice if that latter became as natural and involuntary as the former?

  4. How true! Had a low point a few years ago in my life and a neighbor brought over dinner and some kind words of encouragement which lifted my spirit immensely. Much can be seen in this photograph. Love where you are in this universe and thanks for sharing.

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