9 thoughts on “Water meditates YOU…

  1. me again. I’m sorry, I just realized you did this by panning and not long exposure. I should have paid closer attention to the sand. At any rate, I still really love this so much.

  2. I love all these beautiful images you’ve taken with a long shutter speed. They are so colourful yet very soothing. The abstractness of them tends to give the viewer the option to engage a bit more imagination too. Lovely.

  3. Such beautiful blue and blending of colors here Sherry…smooth as silk…Right. I totally agree about water meditating you. When I’m sitting on the beach or in a chair at the lake…I’m can totally lose myself and my thoughts in that ebb and flow of the water. It really is amazing what a stress reliever it is. I’m loving this series.

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