What a difference a week makes…

map flrodia to west end and sunrise-3

Windsong II and its crew (Bob and me) left Stuart on Monday, March 14 with buddy boat, Tranquilizer (with Marco and Beatrice). We crossed the Florida Straits and the mighty Gulf Stream on Tuesday, a journey of some 10 hours. The black circles show where we left from in Florida and where we made landfall in the Bahamas. The image above is of the sunrise over the ocean as we crossed, having left Palm Beach Inlet at 4:30 am.

cover green turtle8

On Friday, we reached Green Turtle Cay. You can see how protected the anchorage is and we are also on a mooring ball. We will spend enjoyable time here as we wait for some bad weather to pass over. Yesterday, we had a relaxing breakfast (for a change) of pancakes and pea meal bacon (aka Canadian bacon) given to us by a kind friend before we left Florida.

More to come on the details in between Monday and Friday…

5 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes…

  1. So glad your trip was uneventful and that you are now enjoying sunsets and pancakes breakfast…it all look so lovely and relaxing…love your stainless steel coffee pot also…

  2. I love reading about your travels and am always learning more of the boating jargon, such as “buddy boat”. Showing the map is an excellent idea.

  3. Glad you made the crossing safely, Sherry.
    Now off to great adventures!
    Looking forward to following your time there, here.
    Happy First Day of Spring to you!

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