5 thoughts on “Continually vanishing…

  1. I’m thinking egg yolk for the bottom one also. There appears to be some egg white around the edges. Of course I could be way off. I do like the brightness and the contrasting colors.

  2. I knew that was saffron as soon as I saw it, but that’s only because I’ve used saffron. Otherwise, that’s something that would have most people guessing. But the first image honestly had me taking a really close look because at first I thought it was a reflection but once I gave it a more careful eye, it seems like what I’m seeing are sedimentary layers. What a unique image — great eye to capture that one!! Oh, and of course so perfect in both cases for Cartier-Bresson’s quote.

  3. Intriguing images, Sherry: they draw me in with wonder and curiosity. What is the lower image? I’m guessing egg yolk??? Sun??? xo Mary Lou

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