Small town living…

These days I live about half an hour away from the capital of Canada, Ottawa, in a little town of 5,000. Small and picturesque, Almonte has a river running through it, two sets of waterfalls and miles of green space surrounding it.

For 30 years I lived, studied and worked in the centre of Ottawa, which has close to a million inhabitants and serves as the seat of the federal government. I enjoyed the hustle and bustle and all the culture and diversity that Ottawa had to offer — and before that thrived on the tempo of two other big Canadian cities — Toronto and Montreal. So I’ve always considered myself a big city kind of gal.

Today life in Almonte with its slow unhurried pace couldn’t be more of  a contrast. But there is much to appreciate in small town living.

I’m excited by how Almonte continues to develop into a small hub of creativity as artists and craftspeople open up shops and galleries. The beautiful stone buildings on our historic main street preserve our past as a textile mill town and have been converted into restaurants, galleries and unusual apartments.

The old Post Office was designed by the same architect who built the Parliament buildings in Ottawa and now houses a lovely marble floored restaurant and a new outdoor patio. The clock you can see throughout the town is the original one, which is maintained by a local volunteer. The falls on the river that powered the mills now create our electricity in a green manner.

I never tire of showing off my town to friends from the city and from other parts of the country and the world. This super short video (49 seconds) gives a flavour of one such recent visit.  I invite you to have a look. I hope to capture more of Almonte in future videos.

5 thoughts on “Small town living…

  1. gosh, how did I miss this back in 2016? I love the video you took and can see why you are so proud of Almonte.

  2. What a great little video…are you taking Xanthe’s class? Jim started it but hasn’t finished yet…I think ge got side tracked…
    Your little town reminds of a Maine town..only newer…I love all the little shops…especially the ice cream shop. I would send you a video of our town but we only have my church, a fire station, pizza shop and a wonderful cafe…called Grassy Roots…very organic. We are close in population though…with Wenham having 4, 800. We might have more than that now…but they never developed any main street…We can get them quickly though…
    I agree with you, small town living is just wonderful…as long as the big cities are close by…if I’m ever in your area…let’s go for ice cream…thanks for sharing.

  3. Small town life is great. Our small town continues to grow and with that comes growing pains, someday we will move to a smaller even simpler life. I love all the old buildings in your town.

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