Now that I have been opened…


…Now that I have been opened
I can never be closed again.
The reflection of the sun on the waves
is a shining path to the horizon
a dazzling lucent shuttle
of unknowable complexity.
A cloud over the sun
momentary camera obscura.
And as I move towards resolution
the world abandons its detail
in a theatre at once dark & light
where life is a kind of joyous shade
a shadow over the sun
a dark radiance.

From A Radiant Inventory by Christopher Dewdney


9 thoughts on “Now that I have been opened…

  1. “Life is a kind of joyous shade…” so beautiful, Sherry! As always, I look at the world differently after taking in your posts. Thank you!

  2. what a beautiful poem, powerful really. And your photo, as always, is breathtaking. May you have a year ahead filled with breathtaking moments as dazzling as this image. And may you explore and enjoy many new experiences in 2017.

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