A look back in Black and White…

Life looks different in black and white, doesn’t it? I thought it might be interesting to review my year 2016 through some of my black and white photos.

As a photographer, I really wouldn’t want to be limited to making photographs in just colour or just black and white. I love them both equally. Each makes me feel and see quite differently, and I need and benefit from both ways in my life.

Colour brings out the joy for me. I relate to the tones of an image as much as or even more than the shapes, lines and subject. I am drawn toward colour combinations that thrill me and make me happy — jewel tones, pure colours, colour duets, complementary colours, analogous colours, for example, even if the subject is subtle or moody.

As Andri Cauldwell observes: “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”

It has been said many times that black and white distills a subject to its essence, and I find that to be very true. What is central to the photograph I tend to see much more clearly, without being seduced by colour. While it’s a quieter, more restrained way of communicating, it can definitely pack a powerful punch.

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10 thoughts on “A look back in Black and White…

  1. I loved each of these and the black and white does make you pause for a longer moment to take it all in…you have a special knack for composition…the two heads outside a museum in New York is a perfect example…lining it up to the building in the distance…your black and white portrait work is wonderful…just love the one of your Grandson…and of course, the kiss from your New York trip…I know it’s not here but still I love it…
    The texture and design of the tree…sometimes don’t you wonder about people who don’t shoot…how many times must they have walked by that tree without seeing what you saw…I’m a tree person also…and that is unique…
    It’s also lovely that you can quickly (i hope) go back and find your photo’s easily because you remembered to tag them..that is a project for me this year…going back to the beginning and tag…I never knew the tagging was there and I’m so excited to have found it…it’s going to be so much easier for me to find my stuff going forward…I’m so computer challenge most days…
    I’ve enjoyed this series of your black and white and look forward to see more…and just how do you get them mostly all the same tones…it’s amazing..

  2. “Black and white distills a subject to its essence.”
    I could not agree more, Sherry, and the selection of images you have chosen here, represents that so well. They are really wonderful.

  3. I am just beginning to explore B&W, and enjoy following the Monochrome blog along with some of the participants. Yours and the others work always inspires me. I think when I look at a B&W photo I take more time to really look at it and notice every detail. My goal is to join a group like this one day.

  4. I really must try some black and white. I seldom think of trying it, and in most cases even if I do, I’m so enamored with the color in my images that B&W feels flat to me. Your work is inspiring!

  5. Love all the images, but can’t help but think you’re bragging just a little bit … LOL. Charleson, Florida, Bahamas, Almonte, Niagara-on-the-Lake, New York and White River! You do get around! (Where’s that little emoji with the green envy face?)

  6. what a fine range of images. I agree entirely with you about colour images and the black & whites. I can’t possibly say I appreciate or enjoy one over the other. Each has it’s own merits. The selection you’ve chosen are really stunning — stunning to the viewer and what it makes each of us feel. Beautiful work.

  7. Great images Sherry and I agree totally with Andri Cauldwell 🙂 I tend to favor B&W for street photography and things or objects (gears, mechanical parts, old objects etc.) and sometimes for landscapes. I only favor color when it adds to the image rather than detracting from it.

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