Autumn’s particular beauty…

New Sparks of Grace postcard

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Like Emerson, I believe that each season has its own particular beauty. But if I had to pick my favorite, it would be autumn, and it has been for most of my life. As a very little girl living in the tropics, I didn’t know about the changing of the leaves and the cooling of the temperature, so when I moved to Canada, a whole new world opened up.

In summer, we revel in a riot of colour from flowers. In the fall, the gardens and orchards surrender up their bounty and not only can we marvel at the vibrant colours of the fresh vegetables and fruit they yield, but we can also savour their wondrous tastes and textures as we nourish ourselves.

I love to prepare fresh produce simply to let the flavours take centre stage. So in the last while, we’ve been enjoying roasted carrots, steamed beets, cabbage slaw and soup made with roasted tomatoes — all from our garden.

At the beginning of the summer, we planted an apple tree, which is espaliered* up our lattice beside our deck. It is still young, so there won’t be bushels of apples yet, so a visit to the local orchard took care of our yearnings for that tart, crunchy fruit. We also planted a crabapple that won’t be bearing for a while, so we’ll have to make jelly with fruit we buy.

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are already changing colour, so I better get out there with my camera to capture more of this season’s unique gifts. What’s your favorite thing about the fall?

*Espalier is a technique for growing a tree against a flat surface, supported by a framework of lattice.

39 thoughts on “Autumn’s particular beauty…

  1. I too love autumn. I love the intensity and warmth of the light, the smells, the colours, and the advancing cool evenings. Having grown up gardening, the bounty from the garden at this time of year is like a jackpot of flavours. We roast a lot of our vegetables, I used to can them but now we simply devour them as they’re fresh. Friends gift us apples and I’ll do a post next week on that. I really enjoyed this lovely post. Happy weekend.

  2. oh this is so wondrous!! I love your Sparks of Grace, too, and was so glad to BE introduced to them and YOU today… you have given me a wonderful insight for an idea I have been in the process of birthing. thank you so much for that.

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  4. I meant to leave a comment when I passed this way yesterday, but in any case couldn’t resist coming back for another look. Autumn is the finest of seasons and your gorgeous photos have captured it in all its beauty.

  5. this festival of harvest is pure celebration and the use of the textures adds wistfulness to the season Very lovely.

  6. Your words and images are truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing them with Photo Art Friday. I, too, like the apples with the texture.

  7. Like you, I group up in tropical weather,,,Autumn was just a word until I experienced it in the US…yes, it has also become my favorite season and now that I am knee deep into my photography I will capture so much more than last year…your carrots look divine 🙂

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