Giveaway winners and giving back…

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Stacie at Stacie Jewelry has announced the winners of last week’s postcard giveaway: Nikoneyes and Susan Binns. What fun — neither has ever won anything before! A pack of Sparks of Grace postcards is winging its way to you now. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Stacie for hosting the giveaway and to everybody who participated.

I checked my email this morning to find a wonderful newsletter by Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio in my inbox. In it Kat reflects on ways to give back with our photography and shares a number of great ideas, like banding together with other artist friends to create a gift basket that can be auctioned off by a local charity. Or offering to teach a class to youth or seniors’ organizations.

Kat’s semi-monthly newsletter is one of my favorites. I know I’ll always read something that resonates with me and inspires my photography. I encourage you to sign up for it.

Kat offers online photography courses too. I took one earlier this summer and loved every minute of it. In Find Your Eye, Kat expertly leads participants through a series of exercises, with and without the camera.

The experience is revelatory. You learn how your photography expresses who you are — and have fun figuring out your inspirations  — and in the process discover new things about yourself. You make photos in a whole new way. The courses also give you a chance to meet wonderful like-minded souls to explore and experiment with and gain support from. Registration is open now for her fall courses.

There is so much more to know about this talented photographer and teacher. Why not hop on over to her site, Kat Eye Studio, and find out?


Just discovered that Grow Soul Beautiful is having a giveaway of one spot in Kat’s fall class!

4 thoughts on “Giveaway winners and giving back…

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  2. Sherry, thank you so much for this lovely post! It is wonderful to hear unsolicited feedback like this. 🙂 I am so glad that we have connected through my classes!

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