As without light…

Without darkness, nothing comes to birth. As without light, nothing flowers. 

May Sarton

Bougainvillea image processed with two textures from Kim’s Downton Abbey Collection. (For Kim’s 2 B class Week #5)

24 thoughts on “As without light…

  1. What beautiful processing…and wonderful image. LOVE the quote…and especially like the composition of the photo. LOVELY.

  2. Thanks, Indigo! For me this was about capturing colours that evoked cherry blossoms, which I love and of course you don’t see in this climate. But the bougainvillea does the trick — and the palm tree in the background sets the context.

  3. Hi Sandra. I really enjoy your blog and thank you for paying me the compliment of wanting to follow mine. You can do so on the top right of my home page…I found something called Bloglovin, which allows me to enter all my favorite blogs — WordPress, Blogger and others — and keeps them all organized and lets me know how many editions I have not read. And it’s all free. You have a beautiful weekend too!

  4. What delicate flowers, Sherry. So now there is a “Downton Abbey” collection of special effects! How amazing!
    Please tell me how I can become a follower of your blog. I cannot see this setting and I’m less familiar with wordpress. For the time being, I just pop in on the off-chance!
    Have a beautiful weekend! Sandra

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