A little movement…

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Lately, I have been lucky enough to discover and start corresponding with some photographers I really admire. I asked one if she had any tips to offer me to improve my photography. Her basic advice was to always try new things with my camera — different subjects, different focal lengths, different settings — and not to be afraid of mistakes.

I love this counsel because it’s so easy to stay in the old comfort zone, shooting in the same way over and over, especially when the results of your experiments don’t turn out the way you want.

In the last little while, I have been making an effort to branch out, and here is a recent effort to play with ICM, intentional camera movement. ICM is a photographic effect in which the camera is rotated or moved in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical direction while photographing a static object.

I think I first saw some examples on flickr (there are several groups devoted to the technique) and I became quite fascinated with the dreamy, abstract images that resulted. So I did some googling for tutorials and found out more about the technique.

The technique works well with trees, so I tried it over Thanksgiving at the cottage. I won’t lie, my first shots were complete failures. But I kept at it, altering my movement and settings and checking to see what happened. But it was hard to know if anything was working until I was able to download my images to my computer and inspect them more closely. The image above spoke to me and made me happy. I’m definitely going to be doing more of this!

I love discovering new ways to make images that express my vision. There are so many sources of inspiration to stay out of a shooting rut and expand our photographic consciousness. What new techniques have you discovered lately?

Addendum: You know how sometimes you have to look at an image many times before you see something obvious but meaningful? I just realized that I should really call this image “The Road Less Travelled”…

38 thoughts on “A little movement…

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  2. This looks like a painting, so dreamy and moving! I, too, would like to give this technique a try! I’m new to photography…my icamera (iphone..!) and instagram has awakened a beast in me and I want to learn and play with photography day in and day out now! Pretty soon I’ll buy that big girl camera and learn, learn, learn! I have a Cannon Powershot that I play with for now…!

  3. I love your resulting image — see, it’s like a painting and it was created entirely by you!
    I’ve done this as well and had a couple excellent ones of trees. Try also doing this with water reflections and evening street lights. There’s another version of this using the zoom and it too creates some real fun results. I love that you’re experimenting — I know a fellow who is in his mid 70’s and he has picked up a camera in recent years and it experimenting like crazy. We’re never too old to try new and different things. Enjoy.

  4. utterly stunning and so fun to learn from you, too!! that is one of the best parts of visiting everyone each week. I learn like a sponge absorbing anything wet!!

    I’ve never heard of this and so I will explore it, too.

    by the way, I think failure is the #1 best way to learn. and then look what happens!!!

    I am DOing a project with my 4th & 5th graders at the museum this year with finding things by turning an image and seeing what you see. no right no wrong just fun and curious imaginations running wild!!

  5. Thank you so much for explaining your techniques here. The result is truly beautiful – the blending of those rich colours, the vertical movement, the composition. I would love you to join in on Mandarin Orange Monday 🙂

  6. I loved this on FB and also love it here. Thank you so much for the link to a tutorial. I love trying new things also and so want to try this. Great and beautiful image.

  7. It does take courage, persistence and a willingness to fail to develop new skills. So glad you have all three and were able to show us your first success. It’s beautiful. I’ve seen this technique before and you’ve encouraged me to try it. Thank you for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

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