Traveling to imaginary worlds…

I think it was Susan Sontag who said: “I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list.”

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit in my life — to southeast Asia, parts of Europe and Africa, Ireland, England and all over the Caribbean — but I still have a long, long list of places I want to visit before I kick the bucket.

Let’s see, there’s Iceland, Scotland, Wales, some of the islands around England, beautiful Vancouver Island, San Francisco, Norway, Oregon, more of the Canadian North, and that’s just the beginning….

So while I figure out how and when I’m going to accomplish all that, but I also like to immerse myself in blogs that feature places on my list and do a bit of dreaming.

And not only is it fun to travel for real, and vicariously online, I also enjoy taking trips and flights of fancy in my imagination. Here’s a recent voyage I took with the help of Photoshop.

I combined two very different photos here into a composite to create this postcard of an imaginary place. If you click on the image you’ll see which photos I used. I used textures from Kim Klassen to create the vintage look.

How about you? Where has your imagination dreamed up  lately? What wonderful places do you think I should I add to my list?

Sharing with Texture Tuedays: the Dream Edition. Why not come on over and share some dreams?


19 thoughts on “Traveling to imaginary worlds…

  1. this is both clever and wondrous!! made me start thinking of all the World travelling I get to DO when I wander through Texture Tuesday or Photo Art Friday. How it feels like everything and everyone everywhere fits right here inside the Wee Cottage!! You remind me to DO more creative imagining and playing with photographs and art and words. thank you so much!!!

  2. Hello Sherry, how about adding Switzerland to your list of places to visit? I also join Kim in her idea of travelling to new places in our own environment and new places within ourselves to discover new points of view right where we are!
    Have a lovely week! Sandra

  3. Well, you know this really opens up the possibilities. I love the idea of traveling in your imagination. That’s how all new ideas emerge. Also, traveling to new places in our own towns, our homes and relationships is something to think about.

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