It’s Week 10 of the online course I’m taking with Kim Klassen (Beyond Beyond)  and we were encouraged to just play and create this week. I used Kim’s new texture “subtly yours” on this image. I was drawn to the way the grasses were illuminated by the beautiful early evening light. I love images where the impact comes as much or more from the light and shape than the colour.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Hope everybody has a delightful long weekend…

Light the slow fuse…

12 thoughts on “Light the slow fuse…

  1. Welcome and I’m so glad you’ve liked what you’ve seen. That is a wonderful resource Kat put out — I’m sure you’ll find it full of riches. I’ll follow you…hope you come back!

  2. Wonderful images all. I have enjoyed looking around your blog. I am so glad that you commented on my Spring photos, because that brought me here. Thank you also for pointing me in the direction of Kateyes. I have downloaded her book on basics of photography. It will keep me busy for some time.

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  4. What gorgeous golden grasses, Sherry. I don’t know anything about textures, but I see lots of people quoting Kim Klassen’s!
    I love the Emily Dickinson quotation and I have a book of her poetry which I really enjoy. She has such sensitivity and a magical way with words.

  5. So beautiful Sherry…wonderful light and the texture works really well. I’m still working on Week 8…hoping to catch up soon…Have a Happy Easter….

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