Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

The beginning is always today.

Mary Shelley


In my part of the world, it’s pretty hot. Maybe you can splash in the ocean or a river or a pool. If you’re coping with a heat wave, there are also other ways to chill out…

a cool drink…

cool jazz…

a cool app for organizing your schedule and projects…

a cool coneflower from Beverly…

great resources for keeping your cool from Leo Babauta and more free articles here

Wishing everyone a great weekend, whatever your weather.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. I am delighted you like the links…that’s cool. I had a great weekend; hope you did too. By the way you have a friend on FB who mentioned Peterson’s ice cream in Almonte (near their old cottage). Did you know that’s where I live?

  2. I always love your Friday post…especially the links at the bottom.
    Hope your weekend was fun…somehow I suspect it was…

  3. Really cool image Sherry, it does seem very refreshing. This time of year we usually sit in our AC houses and only venture out early in the morning here in AZ. Stay cool

  4. Lots of really hot people enjoying your splash today Sherry 🙂 we’re feeling positively cool here in South Carolina at 87!!! Not often we’re cooler than Boston, NY and Detroit!

  5. This is a fun post Sherry! Love your “cool” splash photo. I could use a splash right now – it was 95 here today, 98 yesterday. Thank you for including my coneflower on your link.

  6. Your blog reached blistering hot Europe!
    To be more precise Frankfurt /Germany 😊
    So it is really a good bunch of suggestions you have for making temps more bearable!
    I’ll hope to manage to try a few!
    So have a great time yourself enjoying the weekend wherever you spend it!
    Best regards

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