Angus over the years…

Bob, Angus and Sherry on our first sailboat...

Bob, Angus and Sherry on our first sailboat…(Photo credit: Elena Galey-Pride)

Today, we’re celebrating 15 fabulous years with our first little Westie, Angus. He’s been an integral part of our family for so long now, I can barely remember what life was like before him. He’s now a senior dog, but he still has the heart and the soul of a puppy.

Angus was born in Joliette, Quebec and brought to Ottawa by a veterinarian with the rest of his litter. We had been thinking seriously about getting a dog and had been researching breeds. Once we determined that West Highland White Terriers would be perfect for us, I kept a look out in the Pets for Sale section of the paper — in those days we didn’t have the Internet to rely on for such things.

One beautiful Sunday in late summer, I spotted an ad for a litter of two male and three female Westies and said to my partner in crime: “Let’s just go and take a look…” The rest is history. We met Angus’ mother — a beautiful and calm Westie — and played with all his brothers and sisters. The vet gave us all the information we wanted, showed us Angus’ papers and told us he had been microchipped.

Angus was bright and strong and very inquisitive. He took a real liking to Bob. And the feeling was definitely mutual. I was a total goner, of course, from the moment I saw the puppies. Bob took a little more time, but before we knew it we were making an agreement. A few weeks later we went back to pick him up and I can honestly say we have loved every minute with Angus since then. Happy birthday, Angus!

Angus birthday

26 thoughts on “Angus over the years…

  1. Sherry, after you left your comment on my blog about my Ruby, I had to visit and find a post about Angus…what a precious little dog he was. I’m very sorry for your loss and I understand completely the grief over losing these furry angels in our lives…thanks so much for your kind comment. Your blog is absolutely beautiful – what gorgeous photos you take! Have a good weekend~ ((hugs))

  2. Our little dog Toby, is in his late 50’s and he still get called puppy ‘awe look at that puppy” and then I have to explain ” he is full grown”..wink! Your little guy is a cutie and great photo of him —

  3. Adding belated but very warm wishes for Angus. 15 years of joy, love and fun… and he’s still as cute as a puppy! Enjoy your celebrations and the year ahead, Angus!

  4. So nice to hear from you , Ken. We have very fond memories of the 2008 North Channel cruise with you and Meg. Angus does too, except for that falling into the drink part!

  5. A fabulous dog, remember the first time I saw Angus taking an unexpected plunge off the dock in Little Current prior to the 08 cruise. Happy birthday Angus!

  6. Happy Birthday, Angus, what a fine looking Westie you are….and 15 is quite a milestone!! Happy 15 and many more!!

  7. I have been thinking of Angus and wondering how he was doing healthwise? I am amazed that he is 15! Happy Birthday, Angus.

  8. Happy Birthday Angus…You look so precious in all your lovely photo’s, especially in your captains hat….15 years is wonderful….we had our Shiz Zhou 19 years, talk about being part of the family…I wish Angus many more years of Happy Sailing…

    Thanks so much Sherri for your lovely comments on Gracie’s post…We are both so blessed with our “little white dogs”…

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