Of cukes and pickles…


“Cukes,” my grandfather, the master gardener, called them. And he loved his cukes. He also loved his pickles.

So when I saw the harvest of cucumbers that came in today from the garden, I knew I had to make pickles — my grandfather’s favourite — bread and butter pickles. He also liked icicle pickles and watermelon pickles, but that’s another story.

It helps that these pickles are quick and easy to make.  I had a sense of  his original recipe, but couldn’t remember the exact proportions, so I googled a few and then adapted my final recipe.

I didn’t process this batch since they get eaten up too fast around here. We just keep them in the fridge.

Here are a couple good recipes, should you have a bunch of cukes around your house also.

Smitten Kitchen

Serious Eats


15 thoughts on “Of cukes and pickles…

  1. that’s a lovely story Sherry. I pickled a batch of beets last week, just haven’t had a chance to blog about them. I love homemade bread and butter pickles and have been tempted to make a small batch of them as well. Secret revealed: i may love homemade bread & butter pickles but absolutely abhor the commercial ones :~)
    Your photos are an absolute delight. I adore that one of the cukes themselves!

  2. Thanks so much, Barb. Icicle pickles are much more involved and time-consuming. You have to do something to them every day over several days. They’re good but not sure they’re as good as bread and butter pickles for the effort involved.

  3. Ploughman’s lunch is one of my all-time favorite things to eat in a pub. I’ve had them in England, Ireland and they even have them here in Canada. And these pickles are a perfect accompaniment.

  4. ‘Cukes’ and glass… they sure look good together. I’m sure your grandfather would have approved, although I dare say he’d have had to give your pickles the taste test first! Have a great week, Sherry.

  5. Nice shallow depth of field photography in your gleaming kitchen! It’s fun to make a little something we fancy which reminds us of family traditions and those who have enjoyed these things before us, like the memory of your grandfather.

  6. such pretty light in your kitchen Sherry, love that first one with the stove in the background. I have heard of watermelon and bread and butter pickles but not icicles. I have made bread and butter and they are one of my favorites.

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