Back home, with projects…

Now that I’ve settled back into the swing of things in my Canadian home, I’ve been compiling a long list of photographic projects I would love to accomplish before we go away again. (What would I do without lists?) This includes making prints, making books, and making a video from my Bahamas images, as well as reorganizing my portfolio and streamlining my blog. I also have ideas for several series I would like to start shooting and have identified some new techniques I would like to learn. I’ve noticed that I’ve been moving more toward 500 px and away from Flickr lately, although I still pop in at Flickr intermittently. I’ve found that  500 px has so much more functionality for me, especially since it acts as the back end of my portfolio. It is so easy and pleasant to use, plus I enjoy the quality of the photography there. This week I uploaded a few images from my winter sailing experience to 500 px and have been surprised and gratified by the positive feedback. I encourage you to have a look at 500 px if you’re seeking an easy way to set up a portfolio or you would like to sell or license your work. And if you’re already a member of 500 px, let me know and I’d be pleased to follow your work. Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

25 thoughts on “Back home, with projects…

  1. Finally catching up with your posts, Sherry – I looked through your gallery on 500px, and oh my, what an array of stunning shots! Congratulations – you truly have a remarkable eye. I especially love the scenes of ocean waves against rock…and then there are also those gorgeous scenes of the sailboat in yellow evening light…and then there are also those incredible shots of New York…and then….and then…!! Love – Mary Lou

  2. What a beautiful shot Sherry, welcome home! I too am a prisoner of my to-do lists as I tend to forget more than I remember unless I have my goals and thoughts written down LOL.

  3. Sherry, I am all with you when it comes to lists (I call those ‘happy lists’). The day we’ll meet in Person (and I have a Feeling it will come, this day) we should raise a glass on lists 🙂 Love to learn about 500 px. xxx Nic

  4. Such awesome beauty in that photo, I could look at it all day Sherry, I would imagine you miss it a lot.

    I am a member of 500px but haven’t done anything with it, just don’t know where to start.

  5. Susan, Many thanks for suggesting crated. I love your gallery. I think I will give it a go for fun. It sure is easy to use! It will be interesting to see how it develops…

  6. So glad to hear that you are settling back into reality..don’t even start on the list thing..I have piles of lists scattered around my desk! This image is another spectacular beauty and I must get on 500px to check out more. I’m sticking with Flickr for the time being as I would miss my friends there. Have you checked out new platform for selling photos? I just set up an account there, you may want to take a peek.

  7. I love 500px too, although I have to admit I have not posted any new images on there in a while (thanks for the reminder!)
    Your images are amazing, Sherry. Can’t wait to see the series you will create 🙂

  8. Oh, Laurie, your portfolio is just full of amazing photography, including the beauty that I bought and now hangs in my dining room! Zenfolio is another great platform. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Thanks so much Rusha for your enthusiastic comments! I’m so pleased you found the link useful and enjoyable. There are so many good systems and platforms out there for organizing and sharing photographs these days that it boils down to finding ones that best suit your needs. Sometimes that means trying out a few…

  10. I love this image, it’s gorgeous! And lots of other beautiful ones on your 500px portfolio too – I’ll look forward to seeing more as your projects roll out. Yes, I can easily believe you have a long list of projects!

    BTW, I finally managed to get my own portfolio site (for images that I print) up and running a week or so ago. I decided to use the Zenfolio account, which I’ve had for ages but had done absolutely nothing with. I’m happy with the result and it was reasonably easy to set up. You can find it at (or via the “Prints & Portfolio” link from my blog site).

  11. Hi Sherry, Glad to you know that the crew is home safe and sound. What a fabulous winter you have had! Once you have had a chance to settle in (and plant your garden), let’s make plans to get together for a bbq. Deb

  12. OK. I went to your 500px site. I’m blown away!!!! Gorgeous shots. Excellent photography. So glad you posted this link since I’ve never been to a site like this. Made my day!

  13. Thanks for the tip on 500 px. I’m headed there now. I really don’t have a good system for organizing and saving my pics, so I’m swimming in a sea of photographs. Need to get it together, so any tips are appreciated!

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