Til the last frame of my life…

The butterfly is a flying flower,
The flower a tethered butterfly.

Ponce Denis Ecouchard Le Brun


Julia butterfly

Julia butterfly

monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly

rice paper butterfly

Rice paper butterfly


I want to fly like a Butterfly around this beautiful world, till the last frame of my life and the last click of my heart.

Biju Karakkonam, Nature and Wildlife Photographer

23 Comments on “Til the last frame of my life…

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  2. I love Julias. We don’t have them here, the only place I’ve seen them is in a butterfly exhibit and our Desert Botanical Garden.

  3. These are amazing, Sherry! Love the Julia butterfly, such a pretty name for a very colorful butterfly. The details on these images are incredible!

  4. Thanks Barbara. I’m crazy for orange so when I saw the orange butterfly on the orange flower I had to try to capture it.

  5. These were at a conservatory, Laurie. I didn’t get a chance to find out what the blue stuff was.

  6. Simply beautiful butterflies! We haven’t really seen any yet. I can’t wait!

  7. Sherry – amazing pictures – I watched Painted Ladies being released by a group of kindergarten children – who had raised them from caterpillars – truly amazing.

  8. Gorgeous! I clicked to enlarge and see the detail in the images – they are types of butterflies I don’t see in our region, so doubly interesting. What’s the blue stuff in the bowl in the second image?

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