A few questions…

A Few Questions

by Rick Hanson
In this life, what do you really care about?
Looking back, what has mattered to you? Looking ahead, what do you want to keep on the front burner?
Consider this well-known suggestion: imagine resting comfortably in your last few days and reflecting on your life; what do you want to be glad that you felt and did, that you made a priority?
Some Big Things…
Love in its many forms, from compassion and small acts of kindness to passionate romance and profound cherishing. The people who matter to you.
Tasting – with all your senses – whatever is delicious in this moment: a ripe banana, birdsong, the curve of a highway railing, the lips of a lover, being alive. . .
Practice. Helping yourself routinely to deepen in awareness and to pull weeds and plant flowers in the garden of your mind.
…skillful action toward wholesome ends, engaged as practice, imbued with a sense of union with whatever is sacred to you. This includes taking care of details that matter, and appreciating the power of little things to add up over time for better or worse.
Letting go. Exhaling, relaxing, changing your mind, moving on, disengaging from upsets (while also standing up for things that matter).
The thing(s) you keep putting off – perhaps speaking your mind to someone, writing that book, returning to the piano, making time to exercise, or seeing the Grand Canyon.
Being, making time for hanging out with no agenda. Rather than doing, the addiction of modern life. Doing crowds out being like cancer cells crowd out healthy ones.
Remembering to remember the big things. And to act upon them. Before it’s too late.

3 thoughts on “A few questions…

  1. How timely this is as I just turned 60 this year…wish I had the answers to all those questions, gives me some things to ponder. Your image is beautiful and dreamy, I never tire of coneflowers and always look forward to their blooming in my garden.

  2. Those are some tall questions and wish I had those answers because I have been asking some of those questions lately. As I am approaching a new decade at the end of this year I have been thinking more on this and it is a hard dose to take. Good read this morning Sherry along with one of my favorite flowers of summer.

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