August Break, Day 1


Smoked Havarti with handmade pear paste, sea salt crackers, salad and lemon water

This month I’ll be joining Susannah Conway and many others around the world in the August Break project.

I love that there are no rules to this project. (I’m a rebel like that.)

I hope to post a photo a day, perhaps using the daily prompt, perhaps not.

And in addition, I will be sharing a link to the site/blog/portfolio/flickr stream of another photographer whose work I greatly admire and who is a source of inspiration on my photographic journey. (They may or may not be doing the project too.)

And I’ll be on the lookout for artists who are new to me but grab my attention this month.

I invite you to go have a look at their incredible images. One of the joys of this project is the joy of discovery…

So why not check out the flickr pool and join up too?

Let’s get started…

First off, Susannah Conway herself! She is more well-known than many, having published several books and being a pioneer in the photoblogging community, so you’ve probably already heard of her.

But if you haven’t run across her work, do check it out here and here. I particularly love her soft and dreamy polaroids. I took her Photo Meditations course a while back and it sparked me to see ordinary scenes very differently. I admire her because she is a generous, authentic, kick-starting photographer.

5 thoughts on “August Break, Day 1

  1. This is my kind of lunch, so perfectly presented here. I am actually following her prompts but shooting in black and white, which kind of makes it challenging since some prompts are colors! I’m off to check out Susannah’s books now…thanks!

  2. Your lunch looks great…we are having company today and that includes lunch on the boat…I’m doing something similar…easy foods for boating…you know all about that…wish I had the time to take Susannah’s course but I can barely keep up with learning LR and the CC cloud…also behind in another class so I’ll be bumping along this summer…
    I love her and I’ve read her books and actually for awhile I was giving her book…This I Know to all my girlfriends when it first came out…I had a friend who went through a similar situation and the timing on the book was perfect…you will enjoy this course I’m sure and although I’m not taking the course…I am following a few of her prompts…she is vey generous in sharing…
    Have so much fun Sherry…
    And btw…I love your new header…gorgeous…

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