August break, Day 10


Drink in the cool stillness and refresh your soul…

I have to say that I’m thrilled with some of the new features of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CC.  Straightening lines and removing distortion has become so incredibly fast and easy. Problems in perspective and converging verticals used to plague me. I would stay away from photographing buildings and architecture because of that. But no more. 

Here’s a great little video about five features to love. Julieanne Kost, Adobe’s Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist, is one of my favorite teachers — direct, to-the-point and easy to follow. Whether you use PS or Lightroom, she knows all, and teaches all, so well.

You may already be familiar with Julieanne and her tutorials. But did you know that she is also a fabulous photographer? Because she travels so much for her work, she found herself taking lots of pictures out of airplane windows. This resulted in one of the most beautiful and astonishing collections of “window seat” images I’ve ever seen.   Why not take a trip with Julianne?


7 thoughts on “August break, Day 10

  1. That photo is to die for…my favorite kind, sharp as a tack and with all that happy bokeh…(I think bokeh is just so happy) and the colors stand out and make you feel like sitting down and having a drink…
    I’m also sure that I have a book by Julianne called Window Seat…a great book. I’ve had it for awhile…so glad you found her to…
    Have a lovely week Sherry….

  2. Oh, yay! A new teacher to learn about! I have CC2014 but I don’t use ACR. Hmm. It may be time to change that … now that I’m finally getting my head around LR. Great image … so cool and refreshing. Perfect for August!

  3. I’m loving your August Break series, Sherry. It’s like a long, cool drink. Very inspiring, like your cool drink image here. And, Julianne Kost’s airplane windows are stunning. Thank you!

  4. I was fortunate enough to see Julianne speak at last year’s PDN convention in NYC. She is always very direct and serious in her videos, so I was surprised to find that she was a really fun and interesting public speaker.She is light-hearted and fun and entertaining, and , I agree whole heartedly, her images are to die for!

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