August break, Day 29

hydrangea in bottle

Today’s prompt  for the August Break is “nature,” and I today I offer a little piece of it that I brought indoors — a hydrangea, one of my favorite flowers.

I feel so fortunate that blogging and photography have introduced me to so many fascinating and talented people across Canada and the United States — and even further afield.

One woman I very much admire is Laurie MacBride — a passionate environmentalist and wonderful photographer — who lives on the other side of the country from me on one of the Gulf Islands near Vancouver, British Columbia. (I have to admit I am a bit envious that she lives on an island, since I’m an island girl at heart.)

Laurie spent much of her career heading up the Georgia Strait Alliance, which is a conservation group working to protect the Strait and its adjacent waters.

These days she communicates her love and concern for nature largely through her photography. The images she shares of B.C.’s amazing and intricate coastline — from her boat and her kayak — are incredibly compelling. So compelling in fact that I fell in love with one of her mounted prints, and it now has a place of honour in my dining room.

Laurie has exhibited her work over the last few years — and she made a slide show video of one of those exhibits called Reflections on the Coast. It is well worth watching not only to enjoy her gorgeous land and seascapes  but to also hear her poetically describe the environment she is so intimate with. Watching the show you can see that Laurie is as adept at capturing large natural vistas as the small, telling details.

Laurie has a beautiful portfolio, as well as a Flickr photostream and a great photoblog. I have a feeling Laurie is out with her camera in her boat right now creating new images of more natural wonders. Can’t wait to see them!



11 thoughts on “August break, Day 29

  1. Thanks Sherry for another lovely connect….I’ll be going there next..
    But I must tell you how much I love that bottle…when I was a teenager I worked in a drug store and Squibb was a supply of prescription drugs…I love to see how your using it now…
    Beautifully presented…

  2. Hi Sherry – you were right, I was indeed out on the boat when you posted this, so didn’t see it until now. Thank you so much for all of your very kind words and for posting the links to my images. I love your photo – the detail in the bottle and hydrangea, with the dreamy background and textured table surface…wonderful!

  3. yes I like Laurie’s work too. For several years I wrote a newspaper column on the environment in an effort to show people how easy it is to live a much more sustainable lifestyle. Since I let that gig go, I still walk the walk but have found that more people have begun to take those steps (but I’m too tired to wave the banner anymore). I admire those who really walk the walk — like Laurie! Lovely photo my dear — at first I thought I was at Kim Klassen’s blog :~)

  4. What a beautiful photograph this is, Sherry!
    We have a few hydrangea flowers left, but not for long, I’m afraid. It’s getting pretty chilly here now.

    Off to visit Laurie! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

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