A look back at 2014, Part 2

I will remember 2014 as the year I embraced monochrome photography. Much as I love colour, I have become totally enchanted with black and white pictures.

Light, lines and moments —  I found myself shooting those a lot this year, consciously and unconsciously — and black and white is ideal for bringing out the best of those kinds of images.

I have also started studying some of the masters recently, and was lucky enough to receive a signed print by famous Magnum photographer, Elliott Erwitt, which now hangs proudly on my wall, and which I will cherish forever.

I joined a few groups that share black and white photography and have been so inspired by the work posted there.

I have a feeling 2015 will also be a black and white kind of year!

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A look back at 2014, Part 1

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is a perfect one to look back on the year that is coming to an end, and to marvel at its wonders and joys, as well as to reflect on its challenges and bittersweet moments. They’re all part of the great mystery of life…

I thought I’d go back through my images to select some that are meaningful to me. These are not necessarily my best, but they do resonate with me and represent a year full of wonderfully rich memories.

I’ve preserved these images in photobooks and archives for the future. I’m grateful to have them and be able to look at them any time I want to bring back so many days and moments in all their glorious colour and intensity.

But there are many more moments and memories from this past year that I don’t have pictures of. I am just as thankful for the ones that remain alive only in my mind’s eye.

sparkof grace light FB

Sunrise, Hutchinson Island, Florida



New Year’s Parade, Harbor Island, Bahamas


pelican 7small

Pelican, Manatee Pocket, Florida


up eary leaving mariner cay

Early morning, Mariner Cay, Marina, Stuart, Florida


Sunset, crossing the Gulf Stream on our sailboat, heading to the Bahamas from Florida


bob fishing calm day on way to great sale cay-500

Fishing on the Little Bahamas Banks, Bahamas


cute charles

Charles, the intrepid sailing dog


Typical sunset in the Bahamas

wines from all over blog

Celebration of Chardonnay in Niagara region, Ontario


girl and flag

Celebrating Canada Day in Almonte

park hands

A good-bye weekend with the grandkids

tender moment

A tender moment…


central park leaves

Fall is my favourite season

central park boaters copy

New York is one of my favourite cities…


hanging on for blog

Can’t get enough autumn colour…



Exquisite light on Christmas Day

almonte xmas 2014

The sun kisses my town…


Let there be light…

good one-tweakedsmall

The soul should always stand ajar ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.

Emily Dickinson

It came to me in a flash — my word for 2014. LIGHT.

It’s a great word for someone besotted with photography, of course, but it’s also an all-round great word, being a verb, a noun and an adjective. It’s a perfect word for someone who wants to simplify and pare down and travel lighter in the world. It will also be a good reminder to light the way for others, make choices that light me up, and lighten up…

Last year my word was DISCOVER, and it led me to so many great places. I explored and experimented and discovered so much about photography — and myself too. It’s amazing how a simple word can infuse and guide your life.

This year I want to study light, chase light, follow light, learn how to capture light — all those things. Light is complex; it has so many different qualities  and it appears in so many different ways in photography. It can scorch, shimmer, reflect. It illuminates and casts shadows. It can be a softly lit pool in the gloom or a full-blown radiant sunset. Light helps us see the full catastrophe of life (as Zorba the Greek would say). To take a long, loving look at the real…we need light.

In 2014, let there be light.